What You're Getting

Alignment with BevNET

BevNET is the leading resource for beverage industry news and information. Hosting your content on BevNET.com shows industry decision makers that you, too, are a trusted resource.

Easy Set Up & Customization

It’s simple. Provide a title, article (200-1,000 words), images, links and embed your own video if you like. We then build the page and hit publish.

Mockup of what native content ads would look like on the BevNET website in desktop view

No Cap on Impressions

Once we hit publish, your content is hosted on Bevnet.com indefinitely, which means there is no cap on impressions. You can continue to drive traffic by reusing the page for future campaigns.

Start Sharing Your Content on BevNET

We’re ready when you are! Sponsored pages are the perfect seed for larger campaigns. Reserve your page, submit your creative and start planning your next industry campaign.