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Since 2003, BevNET Magazine has been shining the light on market trends, new products, marketing and design innovations. Now, it is the leading trade publication in the beverage, natural food and beer industries. Published 6x a year, each issue features free industry data, market analysis, new products and company directories.

2023 Editorial Calendar

Top companies commit their brand to print and put their ad in the hands of industry professionals who take the time to stay informed. Want to tie your company to a trend or topic? Plan ahead and find which issues are the right fit for your brand. Place your company next to the featured products or inside the front cover and be seen by a targeted and interested audience.

Featured Products

  • Best of 2022

  • Trends & Flavors for 2023

  • Coffee & Cold Brew

  • Spirits

  • Mixers & Premium Soda

Guides & Show Coverage

  • RTD Alcohol Beverage Guide

  • Expo West Preview

  • BevNET Live, NOSH Live, Brewbound Live Reviews

  • Winter Fancy Food Show Notebook

Ads Due: 1/27/23
Mail Date: 2/17/23


Featured Products

  • Bottled Water

  • Powders & Tablets

  • Craft Beer Overview

  • CBD Beverages

Guides & Show Coverage

  • Functional Beverage Guide

  • Craft Brewers Conference Preview

  • Expo West Coverage


Ads Due: 3/24/23
Mail Date: 4/14/23

Featured Products

  • Energy Drinks

  • Energy Shots

  • Malternatives

  • Shakes, Protein, & Meal Replacement Drinks

Guides & Show Coverage

  • Supplier and Services Guide

  • Summer Fancy Food Show Preview

  • Craft Brewers Conference Review


Ads Due: 5/19/23
Mail Date: 6/09/23

Featured Products

  • Iced Tea

  • Sports Drinks

Guides & Show Coverage

  • Natural Beverage Guide

  • BevNET Live Review

  • Summer Fancy Food Show Review

  • Expo East Preview

  • NACS Preview


Ads Due: 7/28/23
Mail Date: 8/18/23

Featured Products

  • Juices

  • Lemonade

  • Kids Drinks

  • Import Beer

Guides & Show Coverage

  • NOSH Better For You Food Guide


Ads Due: 9/15/23
Mail Date: 10/06/23

Featured Products

  • Sparkling Water

  • Kombucha & Probiotic Drinks

  • Dairy & Alternative Dairy

  • Cider

Guides & Show Coverage

  • New Beverage Guide

  • Expo East Review

  • NACS Review


Ads Due: 11/24/23
Mail Date: 12/15/23


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1/4 Page

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More Than Just a Magazine: Industry Guides

Published in BevNET Magazine and distributed online, BevNET’s buyer’s guides are vital resources to the food and beverage industries. The category-focused guides feature beverage and food brands, as well as a directory of the supplier and service companies that support those brands. The guides are available in both digital and print, and reach important industry gatekeepers.

Download Rate Cards, Performance Metrics, Audience Breakdowns and More

Dive into the details by downloading our informational advertising deck. Access rate cards, readership stats, distribution numbers, detailed product descriptions, and the most recent BPA audit. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we can set up a time to chat!

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