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BevNET’s Taste Radio is the podcast for food and beverage professionals building a business. We interview the leaders and rising stars in the industry and discuss the topics that entrepreneurs and pros everywhere find useful. Go behind the scenes with brands, investors, and retailers to see what it takes to build a successful business.


Tell Your Story on Taste Radio

We’re always on the hunt for entrepreneurs and company leaders who can share unique and entertaining stories about their journey in the food and beverage world. We also welcome pitches from industry experts in the business of retail, investment, and food/beverage innovation.

Featured Podcast Guests

Taste Radio thumbnail featuring Todd Carmichael of Loftiwater

Todd Carmichael • Loftiwater

Taste Radio thumbnail featuring Kat Cole of Athletic Greens

Kat Cole • Athletic Greens

Taste Radio thumbnail featuring Spike Mendelsohn of CHFTY Pizza

Spike Mendelsohn • CHFTY Pizza

Taste Radio thumbnail featuring  Sandro Roco of Sanzo

Sandro Roco • Sanzo


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Advertising Packages Designed to Achieve Your Goals

Our audience trusts Taste Radio to provide them with the key marketing, product, and investment insights that will help them build their businesses. Place your message in front of our engaged audience of brand founders, retailers, investors, and food and beverage professionals. They listen every week to stay updated on the latest trends & products and receive actionable takeaways from industry leaders. We offer three ad unit types plus sponsorship packages to cater to your company goals and budget. Both new and archived shows feature new ads.

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30 second ad block at the beginning of the episode. Kick it off by showcasing your company to our engaged audience of food and beverage professionals.

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15 second ad block in the middle of the episode. Deliver a succinct message to our listeners about your product or service.


Put Your Company in the Spotlight with a Native Interview

Participating in a native interview on Taste Radio is your opportunity to be interviewed by our host, Ray Latif. The 5:00 minute interview immediately follows the main interview and appears in every episode for 7 days. Tell your story how you want it told - work with Ray to create conversation topics that showcase you as an industry leader and provide insights to our audience.

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Be featured in the interview block as well as at the end of the episode for 5 minutes. Go into greater detail about your company and the value you offer to our food and beverage community.

What Our Listeners Are Saying

5 star rating

"Love hearing these valuable conversations and getting to pull back the curtain on what goes into building and growing a successful CPG brand. A must listen for any entrepreneur!"


5 star rating

"I have listened to this podcast for the past 3 years and it has given me a ton of insight into the CPG industry. I have used this podcast to help me write a business plan for a college competition and used it as a blueprint to evaluate investments in CPG companies. Highly recommend Taste Radio to anyone."


5 star rating

"Hands down the most informative and educational podcast for the food & beverage space! Ray does a fantastic job interviewing his guests and asking questions that any aspiring entrepreneur would LOVE to know, all while keeping you engaged and entertained throughout the entire episode."


5 star rating

"As my husband and I start our own CPG brand, Taste Radio has been like a personal mentor for learning the ins and outs of the industry. An absolute must for anyone starting their own CPG brand!"


Looking For More Details?

For more information about each product, download our informational advertising deck and explore our offerings. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we can set up a time to chat!