Banner Ads: Build Awareness Amongst Industry Leaders

Banner ads place your logo and message in front of industry leaders as they’re looking for new partners and ways to grow their business. This will begin the process of recognition for those who don’t know your company or jar the memory of those who do.

Why Buy Banner Ads?

Support Lead Generation Campaigns

Banners build awareness and familiarity among potential partners. Generating leads without awareness is like trying to hit a very small target with one shot. Sustained bursts of exposure effectively make the target larger due to significantly increased familiarity.

Move Conversations Down the Funnel

Aligning your company with BevNET via banner ads demonstrates a commitment to the beverage community and lets the industry know that your company is available and ready to take action. This sort of company recognition will not only help digital lead generation, but will also improve trade show efforts and sales calls by moving the conversation down the funnel more quickly.

Hit Site Visitors Across All Devices

Leaderboard ads ensure your company is front and center across all site pages. Our banner ad units span a variety of sizes and are delivered to both desktop and mobile, meaning beverage professionals can see your message anytime, anywhere.

What You're Getting

Flexible CPM Trafficking to Hit Your Goals

Whether you’re testing into the channel or wanting to expand your reach, you’re able to choose the number of impressions and run time to align with your goals and budget. We also break down our monthly impressions to show you your expected share of the site.

Alignment with the BevNET Community

BevNET is the leading resource for beverage industry news and information. Running your banner ads on shows industry decision makers that you support the community.

Mockup of what digital ads would look like on the BevNET website in desktop view

Easy Set Up & Customization

It’s simple. Provide any of the 970x250, 300x600 and/or 360x60 ad sizes and a click through link to your desired landing page, and let us do the rest.

Start Running Banner Ads on BevNET

We’re ready when you are! Banner ads are the perfect seed for larger campaigns. Reserve your preferred dates, submit your creative and start planning your next industry campaign.