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BevNET’s Official Policy on Unsanctioned Events

In the interest of providing the best possible BevNET event series which includes: BevNET Live, NOSH Live, Brewbound Live and Brew Talks, unsanctioned events, sometimes called rogue events, are prohibited.

Unsanctioned events dilute the value of our organized events series which include: content, networking, sampling, expos, demos, meals, parties and special experiences. Brands and sponsors invest their marketing and events dollars in these aspects in order to gain industry awareness, to partner and advance. Unsanctioned events pull attendees from the main program and undermine the experience.

Team BevNET is dedicated to working with our sponsors and brands to provide experiences that are valuable, impactful, creative and that facilitate partnerships. Requests for organized events within our event including workshops, parties and special experiences will be vetted by our team and given priority based on sponsor level and value to the event.

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In other words, there is no need to go rogue. Work with us.

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