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Be a Cornerstone of the Food and Beverage Industry

Your brand is about taking the industry to the next level. You’re an industry leader focused on growth and innovation or sustainability. You provide advice, resources and actionable insights for companies that drives them. Be a cornerstone of the community by sponsoring a prominent piece of the BevNET Live and/or NOSH Live experience.

BevNET LIVE is the premiere event for beverage brands, distributors, service providers, retailers and investors to discuss what’s next for the industry. With the industry’s foremost speakers and our New Beverage Showdown, BevNET Live attracts 100s of brands to each event.
NOSH Live is the event where food professionals gather to talk innovation, branding, growth and distribution in a setting that encourages networking and partnership. New foods brands battle it out in our Pitch Slam, and industry leaders from brands and retail tell the industry what’s next.

Extraordinary Value In Sponsorship Packages

We realize that sponsors have different goals when they set up shop at a conference. We designed our sponsorship packages across awareness, networking, livestream and lead generation so that our sponsors can find value before, during and after the events.

Your Brand In the Spotlight

BevNET, Brewbound and NOSH sponsorships align your brand with the top thinkers, innovators and leaders in the food and beverage industries. Sponsorship connects your company to conversations that move the industry forward, ensuring that attendees associate your brand with smart business.

Be A Presenting Sponsor

At the event, we create networking spaces ranging from lounges where attendees and speakers gather for business, to private meeting spaces, to VIP lunches and snack stations. Branding these spaces with your logo tells attendees you made it happen and puts your brand on the event map.

Extend Your Reach

All of our events are viewable online via live streaming video. On average, for every person physically attending our events, there are 4 people watching online. Sponsorship of our live video is a great way to engage the audience both inside and outside the venue.

Leads & Promotion
Prepare and Follow

We understand that your networking and lead-generation need to begin with outreach ahead of the event. We provide our sponsors with attendee information in advance of the event and include sponsor information in all of our email, web and social media promotions.

Livestream: Reach Thousands of Online Viewers

Capitalize on our engaged audience. Platinum and Gold livestream experiences increase global brand visibility, generate new leads and provide content you can use post-event.

  • Engage an international audience focused on the food and beverage industries.

  • For every person attending our events, 4 people are watching online.

  • Sponsors participate in an interview, engaging the audience both inside and outside the venue, which is archived on YouTube.

  • Get frequent exposure in livestream titles and an advertising run in between segments.


Drive Industry Growth with Taste Radio

Taste Radio hands over the mic to the tastemakers and innovators within the food, beverage, and beer industries. At BevNET Live and NOSH Live the Taste Radio podcast studio provides a unique platform for conversations with hand selected guests. Put your logo on this exclusive media experience both at the event and online. With 1000s of listens per episode, your company will gain exposure at the event, in the podcast, and online.

  • The Taste Radio podcast is focused on growing businesses, so is your company.

  • Get exposure during live event recordings, as well as post-event as the official sponsor of one episode of Taste Radio.

  • Build awareness by association with the top players in the industry.


Present Education for the Next Generation of Brands

Lead the way for emerging food and beverage products. Attending brands will be grateful for your support and guidance, both on stage and during round table Q&A. Have a hand in their success and plant a seed for future partnership by sponsoring Beverage School or Boot Camp.

  • Beverage School and Boot Camp are half-day educational sessions intended for start-up brand entrepreneurs.
  • Share your experience and expertise with up and coming brands.
  • Make a lasting first impression through exhibiting, demonstration and teaching.


Support Innovation and Acceleration

Fuel true innovation by sponsoring the brand competitions: New Beverage Showdown or Pitch Slam. Sponsorship supports emerging brands as they compete for exposure and a grand prize. Meet promising brands when they are just starting to make waves, and associate your company with the future of the industry.

  • Brands compete in BevNET’s New Beverage Showdown and Project NOSH’s Pitch Slam against the top new products in the market.

  • Have your brand prominently displayed in the winner’s circle.

  • Designate a company leader to be on stage, judge, and shake the winner’s hand.

  • Connect your company to the hottest new products, ensuring that attendees associate your brand with innovation and the future.


Contact us About Sponsorship Opportunities

Receive a comprehensive list of sponsorship packages, along with a breakdown of our attendee demographics. Contact us to find the right opportunity for your company.