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BevNET Digital Advertising: Email

BevNET’s daily newsletter indexes high on your audience and performs well above industry standards for opens, reads and clicks. Make our email offerings part of your lead generation plan.

DIGITAL / Email Stats

25,500 Subscribers
7,673 Newsletter Total Opens Per Issue
17% Email Blast Open Rate
20% Newsletter Open Rate
155 Email Blast Clicks Per Issue
30 Newsletter Ad Clicks Per Issue

Email Blast

You message presented exclusively to our email subscribers. Effective as part of a campaign to drive traffic to your booth, get eyes on a new product offering or promote your latest thought leadership or white paper.

  • Brand or industry spotlight

  • Subject line

  • Customized HTML email message

Daily Newsletter

Your message in the industry’s most relevant newsletter. A highly targeted addition to your marketing campaign.

  • 728×90 leaderboard, JPG or non-animated GIF
  • 100 word text ad with up to two hyperlinks
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