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Cut to the Taste.

Make a new product and unveil it at the big trade show or event. Everyone is running that playbook. If you want to stand out, think about driving the right kinds of conversations. Revealing at the show means you will be explaining the product. Generating awareness in advance cuts right to the taste.

Your Brand on The “Must See” List of Buyers

Grabbing the attention of buyers to tell them about your product and booth is hard work. Talk to us about how to get them to your booth in “ready-to-do-business” mode.

You Will Miss People.

Some shows are enormous. Some important meetings are too short to discuss everything. Business cards get lost. Samples are eaten before notes are taken. Retailers stop in while you’re in the restroom, taking a meeting or recording an interview. Keep the awareness going post-event to remind them to get in touch or to get in touch with the retailers, investors, distributors and press you could not connect with during the event.

Strategize with Us to Stand Out in the Crowd.

Contact our team to talk about your event strategy. We will help you build a package that meets your goals and is easy on your budget. It’s never too late.